Welcome to the Pucherie Yacht Club.  We are a small, self-sufficient, manufacturing based corporation with the skill sets and assets to manufacture almost anything.  We have constructed our own high-sec POS with a full complement of laboratories and assembly plants and have offices in close proximity to key industrial and trade hubs in Gallente space.  We have expanded our industrial activities into the area of planetary production and plan to expand our mining operations to further reduce operating and manufacturing expenses. 

The corporation offers Ocra support and near perfect refinery skills to its miners .  Additionally we offer the use of a Ventrilo voice server to enhance command, control, and security during our mining and PvE missions.
We are actively seeking new members with interests in PvE missioning, exploration, and mining.   Experienced members are available to train novice members in wormhole exploration, Epic Arc missions, scanning, probing, planetary production, and nearly every aspect of the Eve game experience.

Check us out!  We look forward to seeing you.

Arturo Buzar